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Window Washer 6.5

Windows Washer 6.5 is a complete tool for cleaning the system up

Windows Washer 6.5 is a complete tool for cleaning the system up, by removing all the unused parts of previous programs uninstallations, that might have left behind unnecessary trails.
Also, the Windows Washer utility can clean all the history and/or cache from selected items, such as Internet Explorer, Start Menu and Directory recent activity, Instant Messaging activuty, Windows Disk Error Temp Files, Windows Document History, Windows Media Player, Recycle Bin, Windows Search History, Windows Temporary Files, etc. to make the system operation much lighter.

The program offers the possibility of setting custom wash items: it opens a list of each and every installed program and the user decides which areas wants to be "washed".

The application will securely erase and clean the selected areas so the undesired information can't be recovered by anybody.

The general Options window brings the possibility of setting Program Settings: load Washer at system startup, several alerts before the Wash actions begins, etc.
Bleach Settings allows the user to set the erasing procedure according to some of the safest standards: DOD 522.22M - 3 passes, NSA - 7 passes, Gutmann - 35 passes, or let the application perform a random erasing.

In addition, from this Options window, the user can schedule the Washer tasks to start automatically.

The application can scan the hard disk and clean the free space to remove forgotten data left by previous unistallations.

At last, the application offers the unique feature of creating a security bootable disk (floppy or CD) and completely bleach the entire hard disk drive. This could be useful when the computer is going to be given away to someone else and the user wants to completely remove everything (including Operating System).

Ignacio Solves
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  • It really erases the selected areas and the information is no longer available from any program


  • The System Eraser option is very dangerous and appears to be very simple to start
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